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Memory Improvement Course from the 2008 USA National Memory Champion.

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This is the audio/web version of Chester Santos' award-winning Memory Fun 101 course. Chester Santos is a memory expert with over 6 years experience competing at the highest levels of competitive memory. He has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, CNN, and various other television, radio, and printed media . Over the years, Chester has trained his brain to extraordinary heights and is the current United States National Memory Champion.

Today, he is capable of such amazing feats as memorizing and perfectly recalling a 100+ digit sequence of numbers after looking at it for only 5 minutes, and memorizing and perfectly recalling an entire deck of playing cards in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In addition, he can learn hundreds of random words, names & faces, and poetry, in a matter of minutes. However, this was not always the case!

The amazing memory that he has developed is a result of exercising his brain with years of practicing and mastering a wide variety of memory improvement techniques . These are techniques that you too can learn and master! Take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn from the very best in the country, and let Chester Santos teach you how to develop a powerful memory that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

In the audio/web versions of his classes , you will receive audio files in mp3 format with personal audio instruction from Chester Santos. Each class comes with accompanying slides on the web. After purchasing a class session, you will receive instant access to the audio instruction and slides. All classes are fun, entertaining, and interactive in nature. During each session, students will actively participate in memory enhancing exercises and will finish the session glowing with confidence in their newfound memory powers. These are unique classes not offered anywhere else in the country, and you will be receiving instruction from a world-class champion with the best memory in the United States.

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